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Elbury - Press Release A blend of charming details, indulgent qualities and classic Romo colour combinations, Elbury adds eight new designs to the comprehensive library of decorative weaves. Download PDF
Kitley - Press Release Simple yet significant, Kitley allows the modest herringbone weave to take centre stage. Download PDF
Picota Wallcoverings - Press Release Textural wallcoverings that are subtle yet confident in design, the Picota wallcoverings are stylishly swathed in unexpected finishing touches that elevate the collection to a level of desired luxury. Download PDF
Pluma - Press Release Exuding a carefree romanticism, Pluma narrates a blissful fairy tale that ushers in the wonder of nature and all it has to offer. Download PDF
Pluma Wallcoverings - Press Release A sight to behold, captivating wallcoverings take you on a journey of discovery, as elegant details, indulgent textures and mesmerising colours bring the collection to life. Download PDF
Ruskin - Press Release A celebration of colour and the importance of the perfect plain, the ever-popular Ruskin textured plain is reintroduced in an immersive palette of irresistible shades. Download PDF
Itami - Press Release A true vision of luxury. Stylish weaves and stunning embroideries come together to form the Itami collection, a simply exquisite drapery range that takes inspiration from a mix of cultural references. Download PDF
Itami & Katori Cushions - Press Release Introducing Romo’s latest range of cushions, featuring designs from the 2021 Itami and Katori collections, designed to add sophistication and style to any interior space. Download PDF
Jacuba Trimmings - Press Release A delight for the eyes, the Jacuba Trimmings collection sees jubilant patterns adorn decorative passementeries. The perfect finishing touch, this collection is innovatively designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Download PDF
Katori - Press Release Bold, graphic and luxurious, Katori is a vibrant collection of must have decorative Fire Retardant upholstery velvets infused with contemporary appeal. Download PDF
Kensey - Press Release Stylish simplicity, this subtly textured linen blend has a charming sheen created by a gentle, calendered finish. Download PDF
Nicoya - Press Release Beauty and functionality coexist in Nicoya, an exquisite range of outdoor suitable fabrics. Download PDF
Nicoya Cushions - Press Release Bringing contemporary style and unique textures to an outdoor setting, Romo’s first range of outdoor suitable cushions combine playful design with practicality. Download PDF