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Arturo - Press Release Arturo is a collection that comprises seven refined decorative weaves with usability and modern charm at its core. Download PDF
Elio - Press Release More than meets the eye; it is easy to mistake this seemingly unassuming plain for a charming linen, yet Elio is woven from 100% PET recycled plastic bottles. Download PDF
Kyri - Press Release Not just any plain, Kyri is a charming new take on a boucle that exemplifies a refined finesse. Download PDF
Linara - Press Release It’s 25 years since Linara first burst onto the interior scene and became an essential fabric choice. To celebrate this milestone, Romo is introducing 25 brand-new irresistible colours. Download PDF
Toulin - Press Release A celebration of Linara and all there is to love about this exquisite fabric, Toulin is a sophisticated and confident offering of design that embodies the unmistakable Romo handwriting printed on the distinctive Linara Linen Union. Download PDF
Zolani - Press Release Blurring the lines between plain and pattern, Zolani is a luxurious collection that tells a story of texture, with five highly tactile, chunky weaves that take a holistic approach to design and desirability. Download PDF
Temperley London x Romo - Press Release Welcome to the world of Temperley London x Romo. A partnership that tells the story of how two curators from the fashion and interiors industry came together to create dreamlike collection of fabrics, wallcoverings, trimmings and cushions. Download PDF
Pluma - Press Release Exuding a carefree romanticism, Pluma narrates a blissful fairy tale that ushers in the wonder of nature and all it has to offer. Download PDF
Pluma Wallcoverings - Press Release A sight to behold, captivating wallcoverings take you on a journey of discovery, as elegant details, indulgent textures and mesmerising colours bring the collection to life. Download PDF